Who Is Orlando Mergal

Photo of Orlando Mergal with camera
Orlando Mergal

Hi, my name is Orlando Mergal and I love to shoot landscapes.  And living on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico that’s like loving chocolate and working in a chocolate factory.

I am a #ContentCreator, #Blogger, #Podcaster, #Author, and #NewMediaProducer. I used to call myself a #NewMediaExpert but now I prefer to call myself a #LifetimeLearner.

During the last 25+ years most of my work took place in the pharmaceutical, banking, insurance and service industries in Puerto Rico.

I’m totally bilingual and fluent in English and Spanish.

During my career I have worked with many of Puerto Rico’s top executives delivering tailor-made communications tools for human resources, marketing and public relations. My main business —Accurate Communications— is a one-stop-shop for writing, translations, business publications, audiovisual and web related services.

I have authored six self-help DVDs and produced countless programs for my private clients.

During the last six years I have published the popular blog “Picadillo” where I have authored close to 300 articles about technology, business and societal issues. I also produce a weekly podcast titled “Hablando de Tecnología” where I have produced 250+ episodes.

I was also the guest technology expert —for 76 consecutive weeks— for the popular radio program “Hay Que Tener Vergüenza”, aired by Radio Isla 1320, and hosted at the time by Jorge Seijo Figueroa.

That’s all well and good, but when I’m not working on my communications projects, I throw a camera around my neck and make beautiful images photographs that I exhibit and sell on this site.  This is a passion that I acquired back in 1984 when I took the New York Institute of Photography course.

My latest project is “Puerto Rico By GPS”, a travel blog that has hundreds of photos, information, audio, video and GPS maps for over 125 of the most beautiful places in sunny Puerto Rico. It’s the perfect tool for anyone wanting to explore the Island.

Call me today at 787-750-0000 or 787-306-1590 for more information.