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Photo of Orlando Mergal with camera
Orlando Mergal

Hi, my name is Orlando Mergal.  Welcome to Puerto Rico Photography.  I am a fine art landscape photographer from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. 

Puerto Rico Photography is much more than a place to buy fine art landscape photos online.  It’s a place where I share my adventures both in Puerto Rico and abroad.

Originally this extensive collection was limited to fine art landscape photos of Old San Juan, El Yunque Rainforest, Beaches and Tropical Landscapes from little known corners of my native Puerto Rico.  But now we’ve expanded to cover gorgeous vistas of the United States as well.

All photos can be purchased as color photographic prints, for personal use at your home or office, under the “Photos For Sale” menu.  Each photo is color corrected and carefully retouched to assure magazine quality levels.

You can also license our images for commercial use under special license agreements.  Call us today at: 787-306-1590 or 787-750-0000 for details.


Puerto Rico is the smallest of the Greater Antilles.  The island’s capital —Old San Juan— is the second oldest city in the western hemisphere, dating back to 1521.

The Island offers a unique and magnificent mix of European architecture and modern lifestyles blending to produce a plethora of photographic gems.  White sand beaches and 17th Century castles share the landscape with modern city skyscrapers and shopping malls to create a multicultural environment that is truly a landscape photographer’s dream.

And that’s how this collection started, shooting every corner of my beautiful Puerto Rico


Orlando Mergal at the Grand Canyon in Arizona
Orlando Mergal at the Grand Canyon in Arizona

One of my dreams as a fine art landscape photographer has always been to visit the United States National Parks.  All of them!!!  But, there are so many, and they are spread across such a vast country, that covering them can take a lifetime.  Add to that the hundreds of state parks that are peppered across the Country and the goal becomes even more ambitious.

The fine art photos on this site are my best effort so far.  They are the product of years of hard work and thousands of miles on the road.  And believe me… I’ve enjoyed every minute.

More images will be added as I continue my quest to explore every corner of the United States and Puerto Rico.

Orlando Mergal

Many of our images are now available ready for exhibition in many finishes through Fine Art America. Click here for details.